Word Search: Health and Safety


This learner activity can be completed online or printed and completed on paper where IT facilities are not available. There are 12 Welsh words.

Flip Tiles: Health and Safety


This is a teacher led activity, which can be used to develop your learners knowledge and understanding of terms in Welsh. The tutor should select a Welsh keyword word by clicking (which will zoom in) and learners should then take it in turn to translate and provide the keyword in English. Slides can be swiped to reveal the correct answer. The activity also has the option to 'All Tile Backs' which will allow the activity to be reversed, ie tutors would select English Keywords and learners will attempt to provide the Welsh.

Match Up: Health and Safety


This activity can be teacher or learner led. The activity could be presented at the front of the class with learners taking turns to drag the correct Welsh term and placing it next to the corresponding English term. The activity can also be accessed via two learner options, the first where learner engages interactively and the second via a printable worksheet.

Question Set A https://wordwall.co.uk/activity/goeg
Question Set B https://wordwall.co.uk/activity/hoeg
Question Set C https://wordwall.co.uk/activity/ioeg
Question Set D https://wordwall.co.uk/activity/joeg


Coleg Sir Gar