Quiz: Regulations


The following file is a SMART Notebook file. This can either be downloaded and opened with SMART Notebook software and used with a SMART Board or opened via the web app SMART Board Express. Express will allow learners to engage with the quiz on PC, Mac or Chromebook in their own time.


Building Principles workbook

The following workbook is designed to be engaged with as either a paper based, however a number of the activities can be accessed as interactive learning objects.


Interactive Elements:

Wordwall: Matching Pairs - Interpreting Information

Wordwall: Flip Tiles - Interpreting Information

Wordwall: Match Up - Interpreting Information (Bilingual)

Wordwall: Match Up - Interpreting Information (Welsh)

Wordwall: Find the Match - Interpreting Information (Bilingual)

Wordwall: Find the Match - Interpreting Information (Welsh)

Wordwall: Roof components 

Scorm (Moodle): Roof



Coleg Sir Gar